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The Lies We Believe And The Truths We Ignore

PART 1. THE LIES We all would like to think at our age we know the difference between the truth and a lie. For the most part, we probably do. The years and experience have given us wisdom. We are not so gullible. Yet, some things still have a tendency to trip us up. Cross our wires and make us question our common sense. Or is it just me? I am guilty. I hate to admit it, but I am. Call it human nature (or frailty), lack of knowledge (at the time) or simply bad decisions, but I have personal experience in every one of the examples. How does that help YOU? Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you already know these things and wonder why I’m on the slow train. Or maybe, deep inside, we all know them and it is just a good idea to refresh our minds and our hearts. I have learned it is very easy to detect the shortcomings in others but have a more difficult time finding ourselves in the mirror. Go find a mirror and read this out loud. Lie #1.  If They Love me, They Will Change. No, they

Dating Profile De-Coder Ring – Get Yours Today!

Raise your hand if you would buy one! I sure would. I’m actually surprised they don’t have an infomercial airing at 3 am showing a wild-eyed woman with frazzled hair sitting in front on a computer trying to sell them. A magical metal instrument that would untangle and translate words from a dating profile. A profile that supposedly was designed to entice and thrill us. And usually, just confuse and dismay us. I was discussing this subject with friends over the weekend. The crazy things people choose to say and share on their profile. It’s ironic to me how in an attempt to put their best foot forward, so many people end up putting it somewhere else. And truthfully revealing things they never intended. I believe there are some distinct patterns and red flags sprinkled throughout certain profiles. I am sharing a few of my observations hoping if we are careful and mindful, we can avoid wasting time. As a disclaimer, let me just stay up front, that as with all my posts and writi

She's A Brick House

I have danced to this 1977 Commodores disco dance floor classic countless times. My singles group has its own personal DJ…Spin Master Clint. He always plays it at least once during our get togethers and it is a huge hit guaranteed to get everyone up and moving. I will admit though, that at face value, the lyrics are a bit sexist. And confusing. What exactly is the thought process behind comparing a woman to an outside toilet constructed of bricks? The origins, of course, trace back to the phrase … “built like a brick outhouse”. (Less refined blogs use a different term.) But still a question remains; what is the significance of a brick outhouse?  So off to do some research. Back in the early days of outhouses; (as if there really was such a thing) they were mostly thrown up with scrap lumber. Basically nothing more than a lean-to providing only a minimum of privacy. Over time they were upgraded to an actual enclosed structure, but still made of wood.  Thomas Jefferson is credit

Day of Epiphany

When I flipped open my new 2017 calendar this week there was a holiday listed for today; January 6 th . The Day of Epiphany. I will admit to my ignorance and I did not know what this was. But I KNEW there was a blog in there somewhere. Had to be. One week into the New Year is the perfect time to have a Day of Epiphany. Just to show that I did my research; the Day of Epiphany in Greek Orthodox traditionally represents the day the Three Kings (Magi) found the Baby Jesus. In Greek; ‘epiphany’ is a verb that means ‘to appear’ or a ‘sudden revelation’. The Christian significance sets this as the day commemorating when Baby Jesus was ‘revealed’ as Lord and King to the Magi. They were the first Gentiles to publicly recognize His Divinity. Fast forward into modern culture and the word now is known as having an “AHA” moment. That point when things come to a screeching halt in your mind and you are faced with a decision. You understand that enough is enough. Things need to be differe

Thank You!!

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday! There have been hundreds of posts and quotes and collages from wonderful and beautiful people celebrating and spreading wishes and blessings this New Year Season. I find it quite heartwarming and uplifting. It is encouraging to realize that no matter what we go through as individuals, families, friends, cities or even a nation, there is something about January 1 st that is so refreshing. Realistically we understand it is just another day on the calendar of our lives. But idealistically it is a chance to re-evaluate and re-group. Affirm what we are doing right and tweak things maybe off the track a bit. For me at this moment, what I most want to say today is THANK YOU! Last January I started this blog. It was clumsy and rambling. At times, it still is. It had a different name, and probably even a different purpose. A few days ago I re-read my first post. I jumped into this new adventure full force. But