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Differences In A Relationship. How Much Is Too Much?

They say opposites attract. That you should be with someone who expands your borders and motivates you to experience new things. Those ideals are great and I’m not here to argue that point, and we certainly don’t want to date our clone, but just how much contrast do you really want with your partner? When does the variety turn into conflict? Let’s start with some significant differences. Politics & Religion. “They” say never discuss politics and religion on a first date. Well, if not the first one, then definitely by the second. Now, I did not say debate them, just discuss them. Everyone has a right to believe how they choose. The idea isn’t to criticize or convince, just to get an understanding of what their views are and how they line up with yours. Now, if you are just casually dating someone, this may not present an issue, but if you are looking for long-term, it could definitely have an impact. The political climate right now is at an all-time high in intensity. If you have

Raves For The Rays (Solar Power For Your Mind And Body)

Today I am all about the sun! I know most articles you read will give multiple reasons to stay out of or away from the sun. Not me! I love the sunshine and for a few minutes, I want you to soak in the sight and the sound of the sun! The sun is our very source of heat and light and the very point this swirling ball of joy and chaos revolves around. It is both a literal and metaphoric expression of radiance, sparkle and delight. Did you know that natural sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D in your body? It is actually called the Sunshine Vitamin. It helps fight inflammation, lowers blood pressure, increases the absorption of calcium and improves brain function. It also helps boost immunity! And you just thought you were working on a tan and 'soaking up the sun'. Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow Sunlight exposure also has a dramatic impact on depression. It raises serotonin levels and creates a feeling of well being and contentment. It feels so good, it'

Build A Better Boat (Weathering Life's Storms)

"Better Boat” is a song written by Travis Meadows and Liz Rose that Kenny Chesney (featuring Mindy Smith) used on his latest project “Songs For The Saints”. The album was made as a tribute to the human spirit after Hurricane Irma tore through the Virgin Islands in 2017. Kenny has a home there and is a part-time resident. He immediately started planning this album and all proceeds will go to his Love For Love City Foundation, which funds rebuilding projects. When I heard the song on the radio this week, it resonated with me and I knew it was what I wanted to write about. Life’s storms often come without warning and leave us battered, scarred and not exactly sure what our next step should be. We may even be concerned about the shaped of our ‘boat’, and if will sustain another gale. What I love about the lyrics of this song is that it doesn’t just talk about how bad things can get, there’s a solid message of HOPE. It’s more than just getting through this storm, it’s about prep