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The Proper Construction and Framing of a Relationship - The House that Love Builds

We all know when building a home, that the foundation and framework are the first two vital steps to long-lasting, quality construction. Most of us have witnessed what can happen when shoddy material or fly-by-night contractors throw up a house in record time only to have problems arise in short order. The frame is the skeleton, or bones, if you will, of the entire structure. When done right, it holds everything together. If short cuts are made, or inferior materials used, it will soon start to fail. Building strong dating/marriage relationships is very similar to constructing a house . We can follow basic house framing techniques to help build a partnership that will stand the test of time and trials. Let ’ s take a quick look at some of the similarities . The Foundation The most basic place to start is the foundation. Perfectly framed walls will have nowhere to stand without a foundation to attach to. The foundation for a home is usually made of concrete, stone o