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How To Find The Right Person For Your Life - Look In The Mirror

From an early age, we begin to understand that love and relationships are the foundation for how the world turns. It literally surrounds us from watching our parents to songs, movies, and even commercials! One of the things we learn or are even taught is how to find the right person to spend our lives with. We are told what to look for, what to avoid. We are given checklists and rosters and warned about those pesky red flags.  Books have been written on how to find a man or woo a woman. Magazines are filled with articles on attracting a partner and new online dating sites pop up every day with tips on how to put your best foot (along with the rest of yourself) forward.  And there is nothing wrong with all this advice. I've given it out many times myself. But a problem can arise when we focus too much on finding the right person and not enough focus on being the right person.  You should put as much effort into refining yourself as you do refining your love searc