Overwhelmed? Discouraged? Anxious? Listen To Your Inside Voice

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and anxious? Don’t be ashamed to admit it, I know I am at times. The world around us can be maddening. And loud. Every day there are chores, responsibilities and a seemingly endless onslaught of bad news and images on our TVs and phones. We race from home to work, to appointment, to school, to our kid’s school, back to work, don’t forget the grocery store, and then home again where laundry, bills and dogs to be walked await us before we fall into an exhausted haze that we convince ourselves is a restful sleep. Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe we don’t all experience these things every day, but many of us truly know the feeling of being overwhelmed; like there are not enough hours in the day or energy in the emotional tank to handle what life throws at us. What are we to do then? What choices and options can we embrace to aid in feeling less overwhelmed in our lives? My Hopefuls, the one I recommend today is actually found within each and every one of…

How To Recognize A Winning Online Dating Profile (Part 2)

Yesterday we discussed how to put together an eye-catching and sincere online dating profile designed to put you on a successful path to finding a quality love partner. Now that you have profile masterpiece, it is time to peruse the other side of the aisle and see how much time, thought, and effort others have put into theirs. You are making important decisions about with whom to spend your time and get a glimpse into his/her world. You need to be intrigued and eager to learn more. You also need to be wise and careful.
PROFILE HAZARDS I have wished many times for a profile decoder ring. A magical instrument that would untangle and translate words from a dating profile. A profile that supposedly was designed to entice and thrill, oftentimes just confuses and dismays. It’s ironic to me how in an attempt to put their best foot forward, so many people end up putting it somewhere else and truthfully reveal things they never intended.
I believe there are some distinct patterns and red flag…

How To Craft A Winning Online Profile (And What To Look For In Theirs) Part 1 of 2

(Excerpt from my book; Mid-Life Joyride. Chapter Four – On The Road Again; Ready To Love)
The start of a new year brings a flurry of resolutions and reflection. One thing many singles consider is renewing their focus on finding a partner. According to a recent study, the Sunday after New Years boasts the highest traffic for online dating sites and has the most newly created profiles of any other day. With that in mind, I wanted to share my experience and insight on creating a winning and successful online dating profile and offer some tips on crafting that all important first message.  
Online Profile 101
The first thing to do is decide what you are looking for or hoping to gain from this experience. Not everyone online is looking to remarry. It is okay if you are one of those, but it is not okay if you are vague or unclear about your intentions. Almost every dating site that I have ever been to has a section that gives you the opportunity to explain what you are looking for. I…

Personal Convictions – Know Them. Own Them. Live Them.

(Staying True To Your Core Beliefs in 2018)
As we enter a new year, the internet and social media is flooded with quotes and memes encouraging us to pursue dreams, proclaim resolutions, lose weight, change careers, believe in ourselves, love freely, etc. (I’m guilty, I posted one today as well.) And while things are perfectly wonderful and a part of every New Year celebration, I would like to propose a slightly different approach on something to carry over into 2018 – Your Personal Convictions.
It is my opinion that we live in a world that often asks us to question our convictions. We are accused of being closed-minded, out-of-date, insensitive or stubborn if we do not choose to adopt the cause/idea/thought of the day/time/movement. It is my goal, today, as the calendar rolls over into a brand new year, to encourage you, my Hopefuls, to stand firm in your values and in your core beliefs.
Now, before we go any further, let me say, that I am not talking about rejecting anything new or pro…

The 12 Days Of SINGLE Christmas

On the First Day of Single Christmas, my holiday elf gave to me: A smile and a twinkle in my eye. (Because, single or not, I’m happy with myself and loving life.)

On the Second Day of Single Christmas, my holiday elf gave to me: Two dates. (One was late, didn’t look like his picture and ‘forgot’ his wallet, and the other didn’t show up at all) and a smile and a twinkle in my eye.
On the Third Day of Single Christmas, my holiday elf gave to me: Three Hallmark Christmas movies. (Have I ever told you that I am one of only five people in the entire world that doesn’t watch Hallmark Christmas movies?) Two dates and a smile and a twinkle in my eye.

On the Fourth Day of Single Christmas, my holiday elf gave to me: Four Christmas Carols. (He limited it to just four this year, because all the rest are used in commercials that play 24/7.) Three Hallmark Christmas movies, two dates and a smile and a twinkle in my eye.
On the Fifth Day of Single Christmas, my holiday e…

Christmas Angels (How To Cope With Grief During The Holidays)

The holiday season is filled to the rim with good cheer, music, parties, laughter, traditions, lights and great food; yet there are still those of us who experience an overwhelming sadness in the midst of all the Christmas joy. For anyone who has lost a loved one, grief creeps in and threatens to dull the season’s sparkle. It might be a recent event, or even years ago, but there is still a void and the sheer fullness of the holiday can often highlight their absence. Maybe you miss sharing a special tradition, like driving around to see the holiday lights, baking cookies or opening just one present on Christmas eve. Perhaps they had a specific Christmas ‘job’ they did so well; like placing the star on the top of the tree or making their one-of-a-kind orange spice cake every year. You wonder if the holidays will ever be the same. Well, in truth, they may not ever be the ‘same’, but with a little time, love and a sprinkle of Christmas spirit, they can become joyful again.
The first thi…

Tips For Enjoying A ‘Single’ Holiday Season (Don’t Be A Self On The Shelf)

Do you ever feel like the adult mixed-up version of Elf On The Shelf? Does it seem like you have been propped up somewhere in the corner where people see you, maybe even watch you, but never truly interact with you? Like everyone talks at you, has expectations and opinions, but then come and go with their lives leaving you alone, waiting and watching from the sidelines? Bah SIM Bug! My Hopefuls, I understand it can be difficult to go through the holiday season alone. Whether you have been single a long time, or just found yourself recently unattached; watching Christmas unfold can heighten your loneliness. From research, many SIMs (Single In Midlife) have a harder time during the Christmas holiday season than even Valentine’s Day. The lights, music, parties; everything just seems a bit more magical and romantic.
I have spent many holiday seasons single and I would like to use this post today to encourage you to embrace your status and embrace all the beautiful and fun times you can …