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3 Ways To Re-Charge Your Life (Emotional Spring Training)

Most baseball enthusiasts look forward all winter for the beginning of Spring Training. It’s the time when new players compete for teams and positions and returning players practice and hone their skills prior to the season opener. There are exhibition games to work out the kinks and roster and it is a good warm-up before the regular season begins. In life, we technically do not get a warm-up period. Every day is the regular season. But today I would like to use the concept of Spring Training as a way to reboot some areas in our life. To work on skills that will benefit and help us succeed. To practice ways to throw off the negative and embrace the positive. I want us to have an Emotional Spring Training. Let’s get started. #1. Train Your Heart To Forgive – It doesn’t take long in this world to learn we all make mistakes. As humans we make wrong decisions, hurt the feelings of others or act recklessly. Most of the time it is not intentional, but it happens nonetheless. In on

Guard Your Goat - 3 Ways To Protect Your Inner Peace

I grew up on a farm, but my dad did not raise goats or horses, so even though I have heard the expression “Don’t Let Them Get Your Goat”, I did not know where it originated. I did know what it meant in life terms however. Getting someone’s goat is to steal their peace, attack their wellbeing and throw off their emotional balance. Most often it is an intentional act meant to cause distress, annoyance and anger. I guess the main impulse could be revenge or spite, but I am sure there are multiple motivations. This phrase dates back to the early days of horse racing in England in the 19 th century. Apparently, horses, especially thoroughbreds, are high-strung and nervous animals. In a time before comfort animals was a ‘thing’, those horse trainers discovered that goats were the ultimate calming agent for a horse. Horses are herd animals and need company to feel safe. The goat is perfect for this job as they have zero predator drive, are highly social, adapt well to their surroundin

Permission To Pursue Your Dreams (Keep Your Eggs In Your Basket)

This past weekend I went out of town to spend Easter with my two daughters and two grandsons; one who is 7 and one who is 19 months. Of course, an Easter Egg Hunt was on the agenda. We did something different this year and went to an event in another town where they had a variety of Easter festivities that started with breakfast with the Easter Bunny and ending with the hunt. Over the years I have been to my fair share of these events and for the most part, they are all the same. They line the children up by ages, take them to their designated spot and let them loose. The organizer of this particular egg hunt, however, decided to mess with the formula; and oh what a mess it was! Instead of having the children just go find the eggs, they chose this year to gather them by color. They were to line up, go find a specific color of egg and return to the starting line. Now this concept might have worked on the older group, even though that was also a flawed system, but to expect the 1-