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What It Means For YOU To Hope With Abandon

For those of you who know me and my vision for Hope Boulevard, you know my tagline/go-to- phrase is Hope  With  Abandon. What you may not know is what that means to me. And what it can mean  to you! Dante  Alighiere  was a 14th-century Italian poet and philosopher. Here is a line from one of his  poems.   Midway in the journey of our life I came to myself in a dark wood Does that sound familiar to anyone? Or is it just me? Am I the only one who has ever  found   themselves wandering around in the middle of their life in the dark?   The poem he wrote was called “Inferno” (the Italian word for Hell), and it was the first in the  Divine Comedy  trilogy. The poem takes the reader (and Dante) through Hell’s nine circles of  torment. (Makes me wonder why it was called a comedy.) Turns out during that time period,   literature was categorized either as a tragedy (sad ending) or comedy (happy ending). It would   seem nine circles of hell would definitely be considered a traged

The Best WE ALL Can Get (Shaving Off The Stereotypes)

Early last week I started hearing  about  an  online commercial from Gillette; the popular shaving and personal care products brand. I guess I wasn’t paying close attention, because the only words that registered were ‘MeToo” and ‘backlash’; and the only clip that was played  was ‘boys  will be  boys’ . I spent days thinking it was women who were unhappy with the commercial. As a female who has mixed feelings about what the #MeToo movement has come to represent, I didn’t take the time to watch the commercial until Friday, and  honestly, I couldn’t figure out why women were upset. I thought the  ad had,  for the most part, an upbeat and positive message. Now I admit to being slightly na├»ve to  political  and social issues because I am not particularly in the ’know’. It wasn’t until I posted my thoughts on my personal Facebook page that I realized it was the men who were so upset with the commercial. I have since had a few conversations with male friends of mine and I wanted to sha

How the #MeToo Movement Is Affecting Dating

(Are You Confused About Flirting? MeToo!) I have never been good at flirting. I have said that my entire life and have often felt like I missed the Flirting Gene that so many of my  friends use with ease. Me; I ’m uncomfortable and have this bull-in-a-china-shop  kinda  experience when I try. Now with the #MeToo movement sweeping the headlines, I suddenly feel I have an abundance of company on the awkward side of the fence.    Everyone is afraid. Personally, I think that is pretty sad.    This post isn’t going to be about men-bashing or how everyone has a story to tell. Truth be told, I have a story too. But today isn’t the day. My hope for this post  is  to bring some clarity and common sense back to dating and leave the eggshells for the compost pile and paint color .    With the exception of arranged marriages, all relationships start with a first date, and in order to have that first date, someone has to be brave enough to ask. Traditionally (don’t

Support Staff - When You Care Enough To Bring Your Very Best

We all remember the star of the show, their name in lights, the celebration of their accomplishments. But it is important to remember that rarely does one ascend to the top of the rungs without the valuable support of those holding the ladder itself. Successes do not occur in a vacuum and we all need a little help every once in a while. And we will all be called upon to BE that help. Do not take this responsibility lightly. Let’s take a minute to consider Michael Collins.    Who is that you ask? Let me give you a hint. Do the names Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin mean anything to you?  Of course,  they do. They were the first two men to walk on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 - 3 Man Mission. Three men, you say? Yes, because while Neil and Buzz are household names, they would have been unable to complete this incredible feat without the help of Michael Collins. It was Michael who stayed on board and circled the spacecraft around the moon during the 21