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5 Signs You Are The Backup Plan

In many instances, having a backup plan is a good thing. Extra batteries for toys or alarms. Jumper cables in the trunk. A sweater and umbrella in the car. Cash in the sock drawer. More than one option for dinner/movie/music if your first choice is too crowded or sold out. But NO ONE wants to BE the backup plan in someone else’s love life.
Most of us have been there. We meet someone and really like them, and at first, we think the feeling is mutual. Then the relationship starts to feel a little lopsided or even unfair and we begin to question if we are over-reacting or if something else is going on. Have we slid into the backup position? How can we tell? And what should we do?
The last question is the easiest to answer. Never, should anyone, allow themselves to be the backup plan. Everyone has the right to determine what type of relationship is good for them, and if someone doesn’t want to be with you or doesn’t return the same affections/intentions, that's just the way it goes…

Can You Love Too Much - When Love Becomes Smothering

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? The answer to that is.. Yes. 
Sunlight is vital to our very existence. Yet too much of it will fry us to a crisp.
Water is an essential component, but too much of that and we drown. 

Know Your Gut Health -- (3 Relationship Warning Signs Not To Ignore)

We all understand the importance of a good digestive system. It is the process that breaks down the food we eat and distributes nutrients throughout our body to provide sustenance and energy. Our bodies can tell the difference between good and bad bacteria and will eliminate all unnecessary waste. Over 65% of the body’s immune system rests in the digestive track, so keeping it moving and healthy keeps US moving and healthy. So, why this biology lesson today? Because we have all heard the expression ‘trust your gut’ when it comes to relationships, and I think the two ‘systems’ have quite a lot in common.
When we first meet someone, there is a lot of information to ‘digest’ about that person. This process is called dating. Many of us look at dating as just a fun time to be had, or a means to an end, when it should be viewed as the technique to sort out the good and the bad. By bad, I don’t necessarily mean a dreadful or lousy partner, just not someone who flows well with you and your …