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What I Discovered About Being A Mom

It's hard. Sometimes being a mom is hard. There I said it. Is it worth it? A resounding YES! But make no mistake there will be days that test your sanity, exhaust your patience, and don't even get me started about your bank account. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. Not by a long shot. The best thing I ever did was to raise my two daughters. It's my one single greatest accomplishment. And along the way, I learned some valuable lessons, at least for me. I'd like to share them with you. No Two Children Are The Same If you have more than one child it doesn't take long to realize that even though they all may have your DNA, they do not present the same way.  And that's a good thing because you don't need clones running around. You want variety, a potpourri of personality if you will. The key is to discover that each child may need different things from you.  The sensitive child may need more understanding. The hard-headed one