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Both Of Their Lives Matter To Me - How We Forgot The Golden Rule

Meet my two beautiful grandsons. I am very blessed to be their MeMe.  And I can promise you that both of their lives matter a great deal to me.  As you can tell, my older grandson is white and my younger one is bi-racial.  I have watched the events of the last several weeks unfold with confusion and a little bit of a broken heart. These are my thoughts, for whatever they may be worth to anyone. But I hope one day, they will be worth a lot to my grandsons.  I may not have everything right, but my heart's in the right place.  I am 55 years old and spent much of my life in the south in a predominantly black county. It is the county that my parents grew up in and where I raised my two daughters. There may have been some racial tension, but I honestly don't remember much.  When my daughters started elementary school, one was the only white girl in her class, and the other was the only white child in her class. And I can tell you that racism isn't a trait someone is born with. Be