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Come Sail Away

This was meant for Columbus Day, but I missed the mark just a bit. (Yes, the pun was intended.) Hopefully it will still resonate with the Explorers of Life out there. I love the following quote. It inspires me because it speaks of bravery, adventure and even my favorite….Hope! If the highest aim of the captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it forever in the port. Becoming the Captain of a ship is a high honor. The title is not bestowed lightly or achieved with ease; but earned through a demanding and rigorous process. There is also great responsibility as he (or she) is tasked with all aspects of operation; the seaworthiness of the craft, navigation, the crew. This ship is the visible evidence of all their hard work and a source of great pride. The very last thing a Captain would want is to see any harm befall the treasure he has been charged with. But this magnificent vessel with swabbed decks and polished brass cannot just float grandly in the safety