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On The Job Dating - The Workplace Romance

There is resource for meeting eligible singles that you may not have thought of. It’s convenient and accessible, with people who have at least one thing in common with you, and you frequent it on a fairly regular basis; the workplace! I know, it used to be taboo. There was a time when it was sexist gossip fodder where bosses had secret affairs with their secretaries or those on the lower corporate rungs went looking for a quick boost up, but now the office romance has come out of the shadows and for many, a viable option. According to a survey conducted by, 25 percent of us have dated someone at work and over 70 percent of people who date a co-worker do it openly. Of course, this is not broken down by age, but it does reflect a growing trend across the board. The reasoning is obvious; we spend much of our daily awake time there and interact with these people during meetings, across the cube, over lunch and in the hallways. Most of us know details about our co-worke

It's Independence Day - Let The Weak Be Strong

In 1994 Martina McBride released a powerful song about one woman’s response to years of domestic abuse. I have heard (and love) this song many times but did not know until today that it was actually based on a true story. I have another true story to tell. This one did not have the same fiery ending, but it does highlight the fear, chains and despair of this silent tragedy and the beautiful freedom won by one of the strongest and most courageous women I know. Well she seemed all right by dawn's early light Though she looked a little worried and weak. Lillie was born in 1958 and raised on a cattle farm in the mid-west. Theirs was the typical small town farming community, mostly poor and deeply conservative. Lillie’s own parents had a tumultuous relationship and life at home from an early age was filled with hard work outside and very little love or emotional support inside. She had a strict religious upbringing and was not allowed to date, at least not unti