Life To My Days

Last weekend I took a road trip with some friends of mine to Nashville, TN. I had been looking forward to this trip for a very long time. While I have known these ladies for quite a while, this would be my first such adventure with them, and I was excited for the new experience. I was not disappointed. Let me also add that each of these ladies has their own unique story, background and bring something rare and precious to the table. Suffice it to say this was not a cookie cutter convention, and yet there was mutual respect and admiration for all. I felt accepted, safe and appreciated; which is really all anyone can hope for within their circle of friends. We had a great time, and this blog post is dedicated to just one small blip from that trip that made a big impact on my heart.

On Friday night we went to see The Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium. It was so much fun to be there live and hear all the great music. My favorite was a bluegrass group; Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, who performed one of their songs; “Life To My Days”. Here is a small excerpt….

I wish we all could live at least until we're 90
Without any aches, or pains, or a cloudy mind
I wish everyone could taste the kind of love they dream of finding
And get to see their ship come sailin' in at least one time

I've been here long enough to know
That ain't the way it always goes

So if I'm one of those travelers whose journey gets cut short
And leave the ones I leave behind wishin' I had more time
All I can say is I can't add more days to my life
So I'll add more life to my days

Something about that song just stuck with me. The honesty of it. The reality mixed with hope. It strikes a balance between knowing there are certain hardships we encounter and things in life we may desire and strive for, but maybe not quite see fulfilled. It also offers the listener the opportunity to take back a little control over their happiness and impact in their world. We all have the chance, and yes, even the responsibility to add more LIFE to our DAYS! How do we accomplish that?

Let Go Of The Past… There are people and circumstances in your rear-view mirror that hurt you. Leave them there. The only real purpose of that mirror is to quickly glance to see how far you’ve come. If your focus is looking back, you will never appreciate the view in front of you. Don’t hold a grudge or wait for an apology that may never come. Learn from your mistakes, accept the mistakes of others and move beyond the pain. The road ahead is open and waiting for you; make the most of each new adventure with a clear and open heart.

Pursue Yourself… One of my favorite expressions is “Pursue Yourself; Relentlessly”. Now I understand the concept can be taken too far and one can become overly self-absorbed and a royal pain to be around. I’m not talking narcissistic behavior or becoming insensitive to the needs of others. To me, this simply implies being in touch with what drives you, inspires you and encourages you. There is another quote that says: “You can’t serve from an empty vessel.” We all need to find the time to pursue the activities and habits that fill our love and energy tank. These activities will be as varied and diverse as the individuals reading this post, so do not look to copy another’s game plan. Create our own! If this is a new concept for you, it may take some trial and error, but I promise it will be worth it. Learn to love yourself and each day will be an adventure.

Love Unconditionally… There are people in your world that need your love and acceptance. Freely give that to them. Openly and often express your love and appreciate for the ones who make your world a better place. Never underestimate the power of “I Love You”. Those three words never get old. As emotional beings, we crave that affirmation daily. Tell your partner, your children, your parents. Call someone who may not have heard from you in a while and catch up. Find an outreach to devote time and even resources into. We are approaching the time of year where those in need will come across your path. Be wise, but also be willing to help, donate or just BE there for someone. Love is the one commodity that is never depleted when given. The more love you pour out, the more that wells up within you. Make it a point to give some away every day.

My Hopefuls, my goal for you today is to understand the precious fleeting days of our lives. Time passes without consideration and no one is promised tomorrow. The songwriter is so very true in his sentiment. When all is said and done, there is very little we can do to add days to our lives. Of course, healthy living and taking care of ourselves will certainly help, but our days are numbered, and we are not given that information when we are born. Make each one count. Do your best to leave a positive impact. Love. Respect. Pursue. Be the kind of person who can truly say…

So I'll add more life to my days

Hope With Abandon

Hope Out