Raves For The Rays (Solar Power For Your Mind And Body)

Today I am all about the sun!

I know most articles you read will give multiple reasons to stay out of or away from the sun. Not me! I love the sunshine and for a few minutes, I want you to soak in the sight and the sound of the sun!

The sun is our very source of heat and light and the very point this swirling ball of joy and chaos revolves around. It is both a literal and metaphoric expression of radiance, sparkle and delight.

Did you know that natural sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D in your body? It is actually called the Sunshine Vitamin. It helps fight inflammation, lowers blood pressure, increases the absorption of calcium and improves brain function. It also helps boost immunity! And you just thought you were working on a tan and 'soaking up the sun'.

Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow

Sunlight exposure also has a dramatic impact on depression. It raises serotonin levels and creates a feeling of well being and contentment. It feels so good, it's almost like....

Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves

There are two times a day when the sun really plays into our emotions.

Sunrise is a time of Hope and Renewal. A fresh start. Another chance. Yesterday with its struggles is behind us, and the rising sun brings a joyful expectation of crisp, new possibilities.

Sunset is a time of Reflection and Contentment. Of looking back on a job well done or a memory secured. The realization of accomplishment and the satisfaction of contributions to this life.

There are times though when storms and clouds hide the sun and its warmth. We shiver, doubt and feel the pressure and pain of life's rains. Though difficult in the midst, it is those storms that bring the appreciation for the brighter skies and the cheers when the clouds part and...

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

And of course, when the sun returns....

I Can See Clearly Now (Bright Sunshine-y Day) Johnny Nash

My Hopefuls, I know this may have seemed like a silly post. Nothing profound or thought-provoking, but I just really wanted to spread some 'sunshine' into your life. These are some of my favorite 'sun' songs, and I truly hope that somewhere in these few phrases or even listening to this uplifting lyrics, that the sun has truly shined in your heart. I wish joy and peace for you today my friends. I hope the warmth and love of family and friends flood your life and your world is radiant and abundant.

And I hope you always have sunshine in your pocket....

Can't Stop The Feeling (Sunshine In My Pocket) Justin Timberlake

Hope With Abandon!

Hope Out