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Digital Infidelity - The Rise Of Online Cheating

T here is a ton of information available for online dating. From how to post a winning profile to when and where of the first meet and greet. The darker underside of this is the new trend of  online cheating.   Why Do People Cheat People cheat for different reasons. Some out of spite. Some out of boredom. Others cheat because they never really wanted to be in a relationship/marriage, and believe they were talked/bribed/coerced in some manner to go through with it and now have regrets.   Regardless of the reason, it is a destructive action that most relationships never fully recover from.   Nowadays there is a new game in town. Digital cheating is at an all-time high. Infidelity has always been a part of the relationship world, but social media and having the world literally in the palm of your hand (cell phone) makes it so much easier today than it did just 10 or even 5 years ago.   Where Do People Cheat   You can meet someone who turns your h

Stages of Emotional Responses to a Loved One Living With Mental Illness

Adults Living With Mental Illness – Family to Family Series – Part 1 Mental illness can be loosely described as any biological brain disorder that interrupts the normal chemistry of the brain and its functions. There is a host of diagnoses such as bipolar, major depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, dementia and schizophrenia to name a few. There are several genetic factors in play and certain life stressors can also be triggers. It is an equal opportunity disease with 1 in 17 living with some variation of this disorder, including notable historical figures such as Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, Isaac Newton, and more recent well-known names like Buzz Aldrin, Terry Bradshaw, Mike Wallace and Jane Pauley. There has actually been some research conducted on the link between creativity, intelligence and mental illness. At this point in time, mental disease is not preventable; but thankfully, it is manageable. In addition, it is

The Intelligence Link To Mental Illness

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer, our 16 th President and highly regarded as one of history’s most influential figures. He was also described by those who knew him as being extremely depressed much of his life. Isaac Newton as a mathematician, astronomer, author and physicist was key in the scientific community and revolution. His mood swings are historically documented. Beethoven, the great composer and pianist of the world’s best classical music suffered great bouts of depression and even considered taking his own life. More modern day examples: Buzz Aldrin, Jane Pauley, Terry Bradshaw, Mike Wallace, Tipper Gore. These are all notable people with accomplishments, awards, the spotlight and they still share the same experience of depression, anxiety or some other form of mental health issue. So, what’s the deal? Is there a credible link between intelligence, creativity and crippling brain disorders? The scientific community is mixed on their opinions. There was one study by neur

Helpful Clues For Dating An Introvert

I am an introvert. Most people who know me recognize that. People who don’t know me often mistake me (and most introverts) as being unsocial, uptight, standoffish, a wallflower. I will cop to the wallflower label; maybe. In a room full of  people  I prefer to observe from the sideline. I love to drink in the energy and ambiance of the room; I just choose not to jump right into the mix. However, I draw a hard line at uptight or standoffish. I am neither. I admit I do not understand the complexities of the brain or why mine may operate differently from yours; but I am a genuine, fun, sincere and caring person. (I know, who am I trying to convince, right? Sounds like I’m practicing to be my defense lawyer.)    The unfortunate reality is there are challenges for introverts when it comes to dating. Extroverts have challenges also, but as a rule, they enjoy the thought of being out and about and engaging with people. The very thought of getting off the couch to meet a stranger