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Relationship Advice From Termites - Lose Your Wings

While working on a blog article for a pest control company I came across a tidbit of information that I thought was quite interesting. Never one to keep such pearls of wisdom to myself, I decided to share it with you. If you want to know a secret to a long-lasting marriage, look no further than wood chomping insect hopefully NOT hiding out in your walls. The Mating Ritual Termites live in colonies that are led by a king and queen. (That in and of itself is noteworthy, and will be expanded on later.) When a colony exceeds its size threshold and it is time for new colonies to be formed, termites start their ‘swarming' season. Termites are born with wings. During the swarming season, they fly around looking for a mate. When the love ‘bug’ bites and they choose their termite spouse, they then go set up house in a tasty wood bungalow alone. And get this, as soon as they enter, their wings fall off at the door. What?? And why, may you ask, does that happen? Because the new termite uni

Are We Still Really The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave?

In 2020, I'm not so sure anymore.  I love America. I'm not particularly political, but I am all in patriotic. And I'm not ashamed of being that way. But I am, at this point and time, pretty confused.  I'm no expert, but it feels as if America has been sucker-punched. And I'm not a conspiracy theorist or suspicious by nature. I just believe we are starting to lose our way.  For starters, for living in the land of the free, almost everyone is afraid. And living in fear is not living in freedom.  Some people are afraid to go anywhere without wearing a mask.  Others don't want to wear masks, but are afraid of being told they are selfish if they don't.  Black people are afraid of being a victim of racism.  Almost everyone else is afraid to say or do anything that might be thought of as racism.  Peaceful protestors are afraid of being harassed by bad police.  Good police officers are afraid of being targeted and attacked by violent protestors.  Many people are afr